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Tulku Lobsang is a high Buddhist master and renowned doctor of Tibetan Medicine. Born in 1976 in northeastern Tibet, he entered the local Buddhist monastic school at age six and at 13 was recognized as the eighth incarnation of the Nyentse Lama. Already at that time he was impressing people with his healing capacities. Tulku Lobsang received an intense education in the foundational Buddhist practices, Tibetan medicine, astrology, philosophy and in the teachings of Tantrayana. 

Tulku Lobsang introduced the Lu Jong practice to the west. After studying for many years with masters from most Tibetan Buddhist schools, he collected the Lu Jong movements and implemented modifications to adapt them to Western needs. The result is a comprehensive program of body movements to bring our body and mind in balance. 

Seminars, workshops, retreats and health consultations are offered in numerous countries. Every year, Tulku Lobsang travels throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas to pass on his knowledge. Tulku Lobsang’s teachings are characterized by his warm and charismatic way. With his captivating, humorous, vivid and relevant style of teaching, he succeeds in the delicate task of transmitting the age-old knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism into the present times. It is a great wish of Tulku Lobsang to reduce suffering in the world through cultural exchange. 

Many of his teachings are translated into other languages however, I have posted some of his teachings in English on this page.  I hope you enjoy these videos and his teachings on  Buddhism.


The philosophy of Tog Chöd

Rinpoche discusses the philosophy the Tog Chöd Wisdom Sword practice.


Discussion of Lu Jong

Rinpoche offers a short explanation of the union of Lu Jong and Tantrayana Buddhism.


Our Addiction to Helping Others

(Live translation in Spanish)

In this short teaching, Rinpoche talks about our hidden motivations for helping others.  If we help others with expectation, we are actually causing them harm.


The Power of Love

(Live translation in Spanish)

This is a short teaching on the power of love.  Love is  the power that takes us inside.  Because of this love is the most important aspect of all spiritual teaching.  Going inside frees us from being dependent on the external, conditioned world.


Compassion: The Unconditional Power

(Live translation in Spanish)


The Power of Inner Love - Live Teaching Dec 1, 2017

(Live translation in Spanish)