Video Overview

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche is a Tibetan Buddhist master and Doctor of Tibetan medicine. He has traveled the world extensively, sharing his wisdom.  Many of his teachings are translated into other languages however, I have posted some of his teachings in English on this page.  I hope you enjoy these videos and his teachings on  Buddhism.


Discussion of Lu Jong

Rinpoche offers a short explanation of the union of Lu Jong and Tantrayana Buddhism.


Our Addiction to Helping Others

(Live translation in Spanish)

In this short teaching, Rinpoche talks about our hidden motivations for helping others.  If we help others with expectation, we are actually causing them harm.


The Power of Love

(Live translation in Spanish)

This is a short teaching on the power of love.  Love is  the power that takes us inside.  Because of this love is the most important aspect of all spiritual teaching.  Going inside frees us from being dependent on the external, conditioned world.


Compassion: The Unconditional Power

(Live translation in Spanish)


The Power of Inner Love - Live Teaching Dec 1, 2017

(Live translation in Spanish)